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Ambernet Technologies Inc. is an innovative software & services company based in Dallas, TX that has been serving the needs of global customers since 2006.

We’ve built a highly advanced solution that automatically breaks down, manages, and controls Cloud Service & Technology “DNA” by using new innovations, software intelligence, tons of pre-built functionality and a highly advanced orchestration aware architecture that allows large enterprises and federal agencies to create a broad spectrum of highly personalized, multi-tenant cloud management solutions, “On-Demand”!

We’ve introduced new levels of capabilities in many key areas including integration, data & information management; transaction, event and orchestration awareness; and automated GUI generation that helps remove the current “Cloud Ceiling” and makes it practical to increase the scale, velocity and value of transformation activities with just a small team of innovators. Our solution, CloudTruOps, uses customer policies, compliance and governance standards to intelligently modify native “DNA” behaviors and then creates a common standard set of operational and informational enterprise behaviors (or ecosystem) that can be managed from one centralized solution. Our approach helps reduce the time, energy, and level of effort for you to get things done and make your internal customer base happy!

CloudTruOps also centralizes overall migration efforts and provides a simple point/click GUI to quickly build and deploy application/workload blueprints. We enable a more systematic approach that automatically documents information and removes the need to use templates, files, scripts or other off board tools to make things happen. This helps improve productivity and allows for multiple efforts to be worked at the same time without risk, confusion or overlap.

With CloudTruOps, you have the option of doing passive or active blueprinting for moving things to new infrastructure and platforms. Our active method allows for transactional and event control to ensure mistakes or errors can be identified or corrected very quickly. How do we do this? Because CloudTruOps is/can be attached to infrastructure and control orchestration for both the virtual and physical services, dependancies and appliances required to successfully support new instances! All this capability is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis, give us a chance to show you how we can help!

Ambernet Technologies Inc. is a global company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with regional offices in Toronto, Canada, and India.

Toronto, ON, Canada
Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
Melbourne, Victoria, AU

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