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Our Goal

At Ambernet Technologies our goal is to deliver solutions that meet or exceed established standards of performance and quality to help our customers achieve their business objectives. Pursuant to this goal, we have designed and implemented a Global Customer Support (GCS) program that offers several levels of support, enabling customers to select the level that is best tailored to their individual needs and requirements.

Support Excellence

With GCS, technical support is only a few clicks away! Ambernet GCS is dedicated to helping customers achieve success not only by responding to the challenges that they face today, but also taking advantage of opportunities to help them stay ahead of the competition in a dynamic marketplace. Whether a company is implementing our software for the first time, testing new products, integrating its systems with our products, or upgrading existing products, GCS is committed to supporting customers’ and partners’ application needs through all phases of implementation and day-to-day use.

Support Features

Hours of Coverage

GCS provides services to customers during the hours of coverage as determined by the customer’s Support & Maintenance Agreement. Generally, this coverage period is from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, excluding Ambernet observed holidays, unless specified otherwise in the Support & Maintenance Agreement.

After Hours Coverage

Any GCS services requested and agreed to be provided outside of the hours of coverage stated in the customer’s Support & Maintenance Agreement will be charged. An Extended Service offering is available as described in the GCS Service offerings section.

On-Site Services

On-site services for problem resolution are provided at Ambernet’s discretion if deemed necessary to resolve a product defect and/or on a Time and Materials basis if requested by the customer. A formal quotation and agreement shall be arranged prior to commencement of any requested travel to the customer’s site.


Support Levels

  • Silver
    • Help Desk
    • Technical Support
    • Unlimited Issue Submission
    • Shared Account Mgmt.
    • Access via Web, Email, Phone
    • FTP access
    • Software Upgrades
    • Enhancement Requests
    • Client-Specific Report of Open Issues
    • Customer Primary Contacts
    • Monday-Friday Ambernet business hours (unless defined in contract)
  • Gold
    • Help Desk
    • Technical Support
    • Unlimited Issue Submission
    • Shared Account Mgmt.
    • Access via Web, Email, Phone
    • FTP access
    • Software Upgrades
    • Enhancement Requests
    • Client-Specific Report of Open Issues
    • Customer Primary Contacts
    • Monday-Friday Ambernet business hours (unless defined in contract)
    • Optional Services
    • 24 X 7 for Sev 1 Issues
  • Platinum
    • Help Desk
    • Technical Support
    • Unlimited Issue Submission
    • Dedicated Account Mgmt.
    • Access via Web, Email, Phone
    • FTP access
    • Software Upgrades
    • Enhancement Requests
    • Client-Specific Report of Open Issues
    • Customer Primary Contacts
    • Monday-Friday Ambernet business hours (unless defined in contract)
    • Optional Services
    • 24 X 7 for Sev 1 Issues
    • Dedicated Technical Support Analyst

Silver Service Offerings

The Silver Service Offering is the foundation of Ambernet’s customer Support program and provides a rich level of service to all customers. It has the following features and unique parameters:

Hours of Coverage

Under the Silver Service Offering, services are delivered Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, excluding statutory holidays. In certain countries, the Silver Service Offering may be offered with modified terms or hours of service. Upon request, Ambernet can confirm the availability of the Silver Service Offering for specific customer site locations.

Information Resources

All customer plans include:
On-line Resources – Web resources include problem reporting, access to product FAQs, and information on the latest product releases, documentation, and technical bulletins.
Ongoing communications – we furnish newsletters, technical product bulletins, Release Bulletins, Plans of Record (POR) and release and Certification Schedules

Software Releases, Updates and Enhancements

Each customer Support plan includes software releases, software updates, and enhancements. Software releases include previous releases, product improvements and certain product enhancements, which are within the scope of a customer’s software license (not included are new or separate product offerings Ambernet may bring to market). Ambernet notifies customers of software releases, updates, enhancements, and documentation through our Ambernet Global Customer Support organization. Offerings can be downloaded from the Web by the specified contact person on record within our customer database.

Customer Support Account Manager (CCAM)

GCS through its Customer Support Account Management model will provide, at its discretion, a shared Customer Support Account Manager (CCAM) who will be the customer’s advocate representing the customer’s needs and issues within Global Customer Support. The CCAM will arrange a regular customer conference call to review open issues. This call will give the customer and Ambernet a forum to discuss concerns, action plans, review upcoming releases, and identify future requirements and plans for development or production systems.


Customer Contacts

The Silver Service offering provides for 1 (one) primary and 1 (one) secondary contact, for a total of two contacts. The primary contacts must have received proper Ambernet product and Customer Support training (i.e. how to submit issues, GCS website navigation, etc), as offered by Ambernet, prior to submitting requests for support. A GCS contact is assigned to respond to customers with the Silver Service Offering. The customer’s contact tracks and manages customer issues utilizing resources from other departments as needed. Customers may designate any number of communication contacts. Communication contacts may access any of the on-line informational resources; however, they will not have the special privileges of primary contacts as described below. At all times during the term of the support agreement, the customer is required to assign primary contacts and ensure that these contacts receive software training in accordance with Ambernet’s suggested requirements. Customers must designate primary contacts for their chosen customer Support Plan to request support from Ambernet GCS. In the interest of timely and accurate resolution, primary contacts are the only contacts that should submit issues and ask questions to GCS.

Primary contacts may access our organization in multiple ways including Phone, Email, Web, and FTP site.

Ambernet Global Customer Support Contacts

The GCS contact is the customer’s advocate representing both needs and issues. Each time an issue is submitted a Technical Support Analyst (TSA) will troubleshoot any possible defect, answer Silver business process how-to questions, or recommend a course of action for more detailed training. Customers can contact GCS by Phone and Email during standard support hours. Customers are encouraged to discuss all outstanding issues with the GCS contact. Ambernet will provide suitably qualified and experienced personnel to carry out customer Support. All personnel providing GCS services will remain solely under the control and direction of Ambernet and may also introduce additional employees or consultants with appropriate expertise to assist in the resolution of problems or the provision of other support services from time to time.

Issue Reporting

Status Report

Customers have the capability of viewing the status of all open customer reported issues by generating queries via Ambernet’s Issue Management System. Please refer to the Customer Portal for specific product issue status.

Health and Maintenance Report/Reported Defects

Customers have the capability of viewing all reported problems within specific products by generating queries via Ambernet’s Issue Management System. Please refer to the Customer Portal.

Customer Portal

The Ambernet Customer Portal is a password-protected area within the Ambernet website that is available only to Ambernet customers. The portal contains a wealth of information to aid in customer integration efforts and keep customers abreast of upcoming releases.

When customers access the Ambernet Customer Portal, they may:

  • Download Ambernet software
  • Retrieve technical documentation
  • Access Ambernet sales and marketing information
  • Access Ambernet training schedules
  • Download technical white papers

Access the Ambernet Customer Support Portal:

  1. Go to URL:
  2. LOGIN using your User ID and password

Customers should contact GCS if they experience any problems accessing the Ambernet Customer Portal.

Enhancement Request Process

For requests to change or add functions, please contact your CCAM for product-specific enhancement processes.

Product Enhancement (Non-Funded)

A non-funded product enhancement request is a request to change or add functionality to the product, which may be considered part of Ambernet’s future product strategy. However, Ambernet does not formally commit that these requests will be delivered in a targeted release.

Product Enhancement (Funded)

A funded product enhancement request is made to change or add functionality that would otherwise not be undertaken by Ambernet. The requested change to the product is not currently planned for a future release or, though planned for a future release, the change is required prior to the scheduled date of the release. This type of request is chargeable to the customer. Ambernet will provide a full evaluation of the funded product enhancement. This response will include terms and conditions, a requirement definition, the cost and timeframe for delivery, and the procedure for acceptance of the request. Upon written acceptance of the evaluation by the customer, Ambernet will perform the necessary work to develop the enhancement.

Additional Highlights

  • Unlimited number of service requests
  • Unlimited access to our Web resources
  • Complementary software upgrades for functionality already purchased
  • Remote access to the customer system for diagnostic review
  • Formal escalation path

Gold Service Offerings

GCS’s Gold Service Offering is designed for those customers with larger/complex business critical implementations. The Gold Service Offering builds on the Silver Service Offering with all its inclusions, and provides for the following additional enhanced services:

Gold Hours of Coverage

The Gold Service offerings extends support coverage to 6 days per week. In addition, the Gold Service Offering allows a customer to call GCS on a 24 x 7 basis for Severity 1 emergency conditions, as outlined in the Severity definitions. In certain countries, the Service Offering may be offered with modified terms on hours of service. Ambernet can confirm the availability of the Gold Service Offering for specific customer site locations.

Additional Contacts

The Gold Service Offering provides two additional customer contacts that can log issues and ask questions, bringing the total number to two primary and two secondary contacts.

Platinum Service Offering

GCS’s Platinum Service Offering is designed for those customers who have a need for a dedicated technical resource. The Platinum Service Offering builds on the Gold Service Offering with all its inclusions, and provides for the following additional enhanced services:

Platinum Hours of Coverage

The Platinum Service offerings extends support coverage to 7 days per week.

Real-time visibility and control

Custom Service Offering

GCS’s Custom Service Offering is a custom program adding the exact mix of Platinum supplementary services to create a support program that maps exactly to each customer’s mission-critical support requirements. Pricing and specific details of the offering will be determined as a direct result of the customer’s requested needs.

Dedicated Technical Support Analyst (DTSA)

A Dedicated Technical Support Analyst (DTSA) will perform the following functions:

  • Dedicate her/his time to understanding how the customer uses the Ambernet software to support their business
  • Own all customer incidents through closure
  • Provide customized status reports with scheduled status calls
  • Focus on the customer to understand his/her business processes
  • Understand how the customer would use new product offerings/releases
  • Attend the customer’s planning sessions for future releases, upgrades, etc.
  • Proactive site visits as deemed necessary
  • Accompany Consulting personnel to the customer’s site when necessary

Additional services that could be included in the Custom Service Offering:

  • Additional contacts
  • 24 x 7 support beyond Severity 1 conditions
  • On-site support
  • Dedicated CCAM
  • Dedicated TSA
  • Technical teams to support specific implementations
  • Support for the customer’s full solutions
  • Service Level Agreements

Note: For more information on any of these add-on support options, contact the Ambernet Sales Account Manager.

Contacting Global Customer Support

Web Access

The preferred method of reporting Issues is via our website. The Internet provides a common easy access vehicle to submit Issues directly from customers into our Issue Management System. The submitter will be prompted to use his/her user login and password. Issues entered via the Internet are submitted directly into our Issue Management System. Customers will be able to view their assigned ticket numbers online. If customers cannot view the issue submitted, they should call the Customer Support Operations team to ensure that their Issues were logged successfully. The Web URL is: GCS Online


In an emergency the Primary Customer Contact may phone GCS and provide the required information verbally. To contact Customer Support, please use the appropriate number and if necessary leave a message including the customer name, company name, phone number, and a summary of the problem. A Customer Support Operations Coordinator will return your call. Please review the applicable form to understand the type of information required when submitting an issue.

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